need some help with cooling my greenhouse

I am new to green houses. this is my first year growing in my new 24 x 32 high tunnel 6 ft sidewall.  I have fans in both ends to pull in air and blow out the air. Doors on each end and I have the shade cloth on. in this heat that we are having it's getting over 100 degrees in there. In one of the videos it was mentioned that misters would help to drop the temps. would someone please help me with what kind of misters do I need and how many? what temps should I be aiming for roughly ? Day and night.

I have tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, lettuce, green beans, carrots, potatoes and yams.

Thank you for any help on this.



Hey Rhonda! couple options here- 

1. do you have rollup sides? we find they are very helpful in getting cool air  moving 
2. are the fans exhausting on both ends? Where are they drawing from?
3. 95 and below is yoru best bet, 

I would look into something like this.

make sure to use a good filter before them and a cycle timer like this to focus on misting for 5 minutes every 20 or so at the hottest times.

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Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!

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