Training to Help You Sell More to the Right Customers

Core Courses

Start Your CSA

Discover if a CSA is right for you! Start crop planning for your CSA, marketing to your ideal customers, and more.


Moving Your Farm Online

Begin selling online with Shopify or Local Line, to reach more customers and expand your business.


Quickstart Your Shopify Store

A walkthrough of how to build your farm Shopify site and choose the right plugins to get your online store running smoothly.


Farmers Market Success System

Our complete 4-part blueprint to farmers market success, with guides and strategies to help you increase sales and profit margins.


More Customers Training

Discover ways to attract more customers, either online or through farmers markets.


Setup Your Farm Store

Minicourse walkthrough of the original farm store bus at the Farm on Central, before we moved up to a permanent store space.


Specialty Courses

E-Mail Marketing

Learn the basics of how to use email marketing to onboard customers and market your produce to your email list.


Build Your Landing CSA Landing Page

Minicourse on how to build a landing page for your CSA, with three landing page breakdowns to give you examples.


Farmers Market Challenge

A prequel to the full Farmers Market Success System, this short challenge is full of actionable tips you can implement to boost farmers market sales.